Where in the World Have I Been?


I know, I know. Start a blog. Get all enthusiastic about it. Make a list of goals to write so many entries a week. And then nothing. Nothing. Not even a blurb about, “Hey, I’m gonna be gone for awhile”. Just gone.

I tend to be a person that is present with whomever I am with. If you are one of my friends and you happen to live near me, then we are the best of friends. You come over for dinner all the time, we sit together at church, we see each other on holidays. But, if you are one of my friends from a long time ago and we no longer live near each other, then I doubt you are reading this because we haven’t talked in, like, ten years.

Since school ended I have not been in front of the computer with any regularity and have therefore neglected the friendship I had with Writing. She and I used to hang out during the day and banter about this or that funny and ironic thing. We would discuss the complexities and inconsistencies of our lives and how best to express them in sentences. We were funny and inspiring and on the whole pretty good for each other. Until… I left. I left to travel for awhile and seek adventure and Writing has been quietly punishing me with guilt and a pile of observations that I should be recording.

At the end of April my wife and I decided to take Maya to England as a last homeschooling hurrah. We visited London for three days and then spent the rest of our time in Oxford with my wife’s sister and her husband. We had a fabulous time and I was impressed with how much of history Maya had retained from our two years together at home. If you have never been, you must absolutely try to go to the British Library where they keep on permanent display some of the greatest treasures of human history. Maya stood face to face with the Magna Carta, Leonardo Da Vinci’s personal journals, Galileo’s letters to home about his impending trial, the Guttenberg Bible, and dozens of incredible artifacts from the greatest people and events in the world. It was amazing and Maya was impressed. Oxford made for a more relaxed England experience as we took our time walking around the college town and Blenheim Castle. It was all quite fabulous and it never rained, a near miracle in England.

Once we returned and finished school we were off to Destin, Florida for my wife’s parents 50th anniversary. The whole family was together for the first time in years and we spent a week at the beach. We returned from Florida and my dad came to visit three days after. We spent a weekend on our sailboat with amazing weather and a lot of wind. My dad taught me to sail as a child and now it was my turn to return the favor to him.


Yes, I know. Bastards. Why do you get to travel and sail. I have no answer to that other than we may find ourselves working for Walmart in our Golden Years.

As for the sailing part of our life that is a subject I have not taken up on this blog although you will find a few scant entries on birdsforsail.wordpress.com.  We live in the middle of the United States. Kansas. It is not the most obvious place you could imagine a family dreaming of casting off into the great unknown, or rather, known, as it is these days. Unless the global warming predictions are way off, we don’t plan to live by an ocean any time soon. But we do dream from time to time, and we have found quite a large lake nearby from which to dream on, and so we have and do dream of a different life. I don’t know where this dream of sailing away will take us, but it will take us somewhere we have never been, and that is enough to add adventure to our life.

And so… here we are. Or more succinctly, here I am. I am back with Writing. She is ever present like air, but not always at the forefront of my mind. I hope that will change, and soon.


5 thoughts on “Where in the World Have I Been?

  1. Highchairs and Headaches

    Boo. You’re back. Now when people go to your blog, the first thing they see will no longer be an awesome plug for MY blog. Totally unacceptable.

    Ha!! Just kidding! So glad you’re back. It sounds like you were having a fantastic time traveling with your family. Writing can be a stubborn companion at times, guilt-tripping you when she’s being ignored and begging for all your spare time– but no matter how you treat her, she’ll always be there when you need her most. On that note, welcome back!

  2. sheerawarriormom

    Glad to see that although you were quite busy having amazing fun, the joy of recreation hasn’t pushed down your drive to write too far. I do quite enjoy this blog providing witty commentary and thought-provoking reflections as background for a day spent at home with toddlers who believe they can care for themselves but repeatedly prove that belief is not reality. So I join your other admiring minds with a hearty ‘welcome’ and a prodding, ‘get on with it and write some more’!


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